A Simple Favor

Hello, blog lovers! It’s certainly been a while! Basically, forget everything I said in my previous post about this blog being scheduled. It’ll happen when it happens. Life goes on. Hopefully, I’ll post around twice a month, if not more than that. Good? Good! NOW a few weeks back, I saw Blake Lively and Anna … Continue reading A Simple Favor

Come From Away

Hello again, blog lovers! It’s Broadway review time! Over the weekend, I saw Come From Away with my boyfriend and his family (thank God I have a man who loves theatre). I have been excited for this show and been anxious of it ever since it came out. I had heard nothing but good things … Continue reading Come From Away

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Here we are taking a turn, blog readers of the world! I told you literary reviews would happen soon enough and that time has come. And we’re starting off with a bang!┬áLess┬áby Andrew Sean Greer is this year’s Pulitzer (is it Puhl-itzer or Peuh-litzer?) Prize for Fiction. It tells the story of Arthur Less, a … Continue reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer